MongoDB 3.6.12 Released

Critical issues/regressions fixed:

  • WT-4324 Ensure checkpoints rewrite pages with data in the future (potential data loss)
  • SERVER-39932 SessionRuntimeInfo memory is not being released (STAR-235)


  • SERVER-35219 Regain MongoDB balancer performance with sessions
  • SERVER-39847 Migrating session info can trigger fassert when destination shard has transaction history truncated by oplog


  • SERVER-37255 replSetReconfig with concurrent election can trigger invariant
  • SERVER-38722 CollectionCloner should handle QueryPlanKilled on collection drop
  • SERVER-39490 opWriteConcernCounters can cause undefined behavior due to overflow


  • SERVER-17010 Reduce file handle usage in File based Sorter
  • SERVER-36437 The dbstats command should lock the database in MODE_IS instead of MODE_S
  • WT-4615 Sync backup file before returning backup cursor (until this fix, we fsync neither the backup file nor the directory where it’s located)


  • SERVER-37722 Quiet mode does not suppress connection end events
  • SERVER-40131 Incorrect format string in Windows stacktrace generator.

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