MongoDB 4.2 Goodness #1: Atlas Full-Text Search

[From MongoDB’s Blog Post soon after Elliot’s Keynote Address]

MongoDB Atlas’s new Full-Text Search service is set to bring the power of Lucene 8 to MongoDB. The new service is designed to end the reign of complex, application level integrations with external search engines. Instead, using MongoDB Atlas Full-Text Search, users and developers will get the productivity benefits of a transparent, full integrated search capability.

MongoDB Atlas Full-Text Search can be used without managing the exporting of your data or configuring a separate search platform. Just activate the Full-Text Search option to your MongoDB Atlas cluster, and create your indexes. By default, it indexes all string fields in your collection but can be focussed down to index only particular fields. The configuration options for search include the ability to set up one or more analyzers for each index.

Queries for Full-Text Search leverage the MongoDB Query Language, allowing them to be used as with other MongoDB operators in powerful data processing pipelines. The $searchBeta aggregation stage allows for detailed control of the search process too.

The new Full-Text Search option requires MongoDB 4.2 or later and an M30 or above cluster and is currently in open beta. It will support replica sets and sharded clusters and is set to become generally available in the coming months.

If you want to check it out now, use the code MONGODB4DOT2 to get $200 of Atlas credit, spin up an M30 and discover for yourself the power and convenience of MongoDB Atlas Full Text Search. You’ll also find more information in the documentation.

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