MongoDB 4.2 is GA!!

This morning MongoDB released v4.2 to the world!

Key highlights of MongoDB 4.2 include:

  • Distributed Transactions extending MongoDB’s multi-document ACID guarantees from replica sets to sharded clusters, enabling you to serve an ever broader range of use cases.
  • On-Demand Materialized Views using the new $merge operator. Caching the output of a large aggregation in a collection is a common pattern, and the $merge operator lets you update those results efficiently instead of completely recalculating them. Take a look at this blog to get started.
  • Wildcard Indexes make it easy and natural to model highly heterogeneous collections like product catalogs, without sacrificing great index support. You simply define a filter that automatically indexes all matching fields, sub-documents, and arrays in a collection. Watch the demo to learn more.
  • MongoDB Query Language enhancements such as more expressive updates, new math operators, and expanded regex support. update and findAndModify commands can now reference existing fields, and incorporate aggregation pipelines for even more expressivity. Check out this blog to see examples of how all of this helps you write more powerful queries with less code.
  • Retryable Reads and Writes, reducing the complexity of writing code that handles transient cluster failures.

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