New in Atlas – September 2019

Lots of new goodness arrived this week in our managed MongoDB offering, Atlas. Check this out:

Built-In Security & Compliance

  • Atlas is now ISO 27001 and PCI DSS compliant
  • User authentication tracking is now accessible via logs in Atlas
  • Atlas supports Strong Customer Authentication for credit card customers in the European Economic Area

Platform Reliability

  • Point-in-time restores are now available with AWS cloud provider snapshot backups

Performance Optimization

  • A new Query Profiler makes it easier to diagnose slow queries in Atlas
  • Compute auto-scaling is now available in open beta in Atlas.

Developer Choice & Productivity

  • Deploy, manage, and access Atlas on Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry with the MongoDB Atlas Open Service Broker
  • Integrate Atlas into existing Terraform configurations with the Terraform MongoDB Atlas Provider

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