Latest Atlas Goodness

This week’s Atlas release includes:

1) Azure Private Link w/ Atlas Private Endpoints

  — This will allow for a “one-way” private connection between Azure and Atlas VNets; some customers prefer this as a more secure way to avoid extending their existing network trust boundary.

  — Also allows for transitive connectivity to Atlas via a customer’s own internal VNet peering connection or Azure ExpressRoute from on-prem, allowing Atlas clusters to be accessible via customer VPN.

2) Atlas Search: No downtime re-indexing

  — This represents a major improvement for customers using Atlas Search for production workloads. Before this, if customers modified a search index, it would be offline and no longer queryable until the new index had completed an initial sync. 

  — Now, a stale or previous version of the search index remains queryable until the new one has completed initial sync, eliminating disruptions in search availability.

3) Optimized slow query logging

  — The Query Profiler and Performance Advisor both rely on slow query logs to help users understand and optimize database performance in Atlas.  Previously, only queries that took longer than 100ms to run were collected and analyzed. Going forward, Atlas will dynamically adjust the threshold in order to capture each workload’s slowest queries and provide better index suggestions and query insights.

4) Feedback button for Index Suggestions in Performance Advisor

  — Users can now mark index suggestions as helpful or unhelpful and provide additional feedback on their rating.

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