Realm Sync is GA

Since the acquisition of Realm in 2019, MongoDB has working hard to bring MongoDB Realm Sync to market. It delivers seamless, bidirectional sync between the innovative Realm mobile database and MongoDB Atlas. With Realm Sync, we’ve made it simple to keep data in sync across multiple users, OS platforms/devices, and the cloud.

This powerful new capability is important to businesses and developers, as mobility has profoundly changed the way companies interact with their customers and empower their workforces. 

When connectivity isn’t guaranteed, it’s time-consuming and complex for mobile developers to build edge-to-cloud data synchronization. MongoDB Realm Sync saves them from writing (and maintaining) complex and custom code. This allows developers to build features faster, improve quality, and easily serve users globally.  For businesses, this unlocks innovation and delivers an important competitive edge in a market increasingly disrupted by world class mobile customer experiences. 

For more information see today’s blog post.