The Latest Charts Goodness

1) Query Library:

More than a quarter of Charts customers use queries when building new charts. To make their lives easier, we’ve added the ability to save and re-use previously saved queries directly from the chart builder. Query Library supports:

  • Saving commonly used queries for later use
  • Sharing saved queries with any users in your project
  • Loading previously saved queries into any other chart (where a relevant data source is shared)

Learn more about Query Library in our blog.

2) Dashboard Embedding:

Until now, you could only embed an individual chart. We know that our embedding users have multiple charts in their dashboards. It would take quite a bit of time for someone to individually embed each and every chart in a dashboard. Starting with this release, that pain is going away. You can now embed a full dashboard and it supports the following:

  • Unauthenticated embedding for iFrame and SDK, Authenticated embedding for SDK
  • Setting a full dashboard theme and charts background ( Yes, we support Dark theme)
  • Fully responsive dashboards to fit any screen

See the docs to enable dashboard embedding in Charts or head over to github to get started with the embedded SDK

We also have a live demo of a sample for you to play with.

Enjoy, Data Visualization Heads!!

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