“Mongo Like!”

Greetings. I’m Eric, and I’m a Silverback. Specifically a Mongo Silverback.

I started at MongoDB in November of 2017, fresh from long-term stints at Sun Microsystems and Oracle. And I knew next to nothing about MongoDB. At age 59.

That, my friends, is about all your need to know about this place.

If I can Mongo, you can Mongo. Join me in the non-Relational jungle.

Now to the obligatory background stuff:

Eric Reid was born and raised in Southwest Michigan, where he attended Western Michigan University (BS CS and Math) back when credit hours were tens of dollars. Yes, really. After stints in Southern and Northern California (picking up his MSCS at UCLA), he moved back to his hometown to raise a family. He has worked for TRW, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and now MongoDB. He has three grown daughters, plays bass trombone, enjoys a good game of cribbage.

And, most importantly, if Eric can Mongo, you can Mongo.