Category: Tips and Tricks

MongoDB Topology Design Book

Nic Cottrell and I went through MongoDB New Hire Training together (a million — err, I mean 3.5 — years ago). This is a guy who, in addition to being whip-smart, had the right perspective on work-life balance. Nic has...

MongoDB v4.4 Logs Made Easier

Alex B. gives us some recipes to make viewing and working with logfiles in MongoDB v4.4+ just a bit easier.

Practical MongoDB Aggregations

MongoDB legend Paul Done has just published his free E-book “Practical MongoDB Aggregations”, and it’s filled with useful information to help you get the most out of the MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline!

Cheat Sheet!

The good folks over in the MongoDB Developer Community today published a cheat sheet of basic MongoDB operations. Perfect for that MongoDB Hitchhiker looking to get started!