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Silverback Health Update!

No, no, not me… but those poor 60+ Silverbacks at Zoo Atlanta! Get vaccinated, everyone!!

I Finally Wrote A Medium Story

But it’s much more about Silverbacked-ness than MongoDB and Tech. Might be an interesting read for fellow male Silverbacks… starts this Tuesday!

What are YOU doing next week? I’ll be attending MongoDB .live online, and presenting ‘Silverback Notes: Beginner Mistakes to Avoid’. Stream it when you wish, and bring your Q&A to Speaker Room 3 on Tuesday, 09 June, starting at 1530...

What I Do

I’ve worked for MongoDB for about 18 months now, as a Consulting Engineer. I support MongoDB customers via training, Dev and Ops recommendations, imparting of Best Practices, design reviews, creation of playbooks and runbooks. Sometimes I’m a Systems dude, sometimes...

Welcome, fellow primate

I do MongoDB for a living. I help others do the same. Often, I’m there from the beginning with the first training. I started this blog as a way to share the interesting, the timely, the “Oh, I wish I’d...