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Picking Up The Cadence…

MongoDB moves to a quarterly release cycle with MongoDB 5.0 next year. More goodness, more frequently. And note this does (as always) include MongoDB Community!

Top Three: Coolest v4.4 Things

Psssst! In case you were living under an RDBMS last week, MongoDB v4.4 went GA! Needless to say, there’s much to like. Here’s my quick take on my Top Three. So many things to choose from! Atlas Auto-Scale is GA:...

MongoDB 4.4 is GA!

New functionality. New drivers. Read isolation and write durability guarantees that can be applied cluster-wide. That’s only some of the goodness in MongoDB v4.4, which was officially released this week. Download the Community Version here to try on-prem. Try out the...

MongoDB v4.4 is Getting Closer!

“MongoDB 4.4.0-rc0, the first release candidate of MongoDB 4.4, is out and is ready for testing. This is the culmination of the 4.3.x development series, and includes many exciting new features. Please review the release notes 8 for more about what’s new, upgrade procedures,...

MongoDB 4.2.5 Released

MongoDB 4.2.5 is out and is ready for production deployment. This release contains only fixes since 4.2.3, and is a recommended upgrade for all 4.2 users. Note: The release of version 4.2.4 was skipped due to an issue encountered during...

New Minor Releases

New minor releases out today for v4.2, v4.0, v3.6 and the EOLing-in-4-days v3.4. Make sure to upgrade at your earliest convenience!

MongoDB 4.2 is GA!!

This morning MongoDB released v4.2 to the world! Key highlights of MongoDB 4.2 include: Distributed Transactions extending MongoDB’s multi-document ACID guarantees from replica sets to sharded clusters, enabling you to serve an ever broader range of use cases. On-Demand Materialized Views using...

Ops Manager 3.6.12 Released

Ops Manager 3.6.12 is now available.  Release Notes All of the released versions are downloadable from the MongoDB Download Center 

MongoDB 4.0.9 Released

MongoDB 4.0.9 Released

This minor release includes only fixes since 4.0.8. All of the released versions are downloadable from the MongoDB Download Center.