MongoDB 5.1 Rapid Release is Here!

MongoDB released MongoDB 5.1 early this morning, from the stage of MongoDB.local London!

MongoDB 5.1 marks our accelerated release cadence designed to get new database features and improvements into your hands faster than ever before. MongoDB 5.1 and all future rapid releases will be fully supported on MongoDB Atlas and are available as development releases from our Download Center. Consistent with our new release cadence announced last year, the functionality available in 5.1 and the subsequent Rapid Releases will all roll up into MongoDB 6.0, our next Major Release scheduled for delivery in 2022.

Some very brief highlights (see the Blog Post above for more details):

  • Time series collections now support sharding
  • $lookup (joins) and $graphLookup (graph traversal) now fully work against sharded collections
  • Aggregations that write the results of the pipeline to a collection (updating a view, for example) can now write to a secondary node
  • Client-Side Field Level Encryption will soon work with any KMIP-compliant KMS, not just a small set of KMSs

Again, this is the first Rapid Release of MongoDB. Per the Rapid Release Policy outlined in the second Reference below:

  • 5.1 and future Rapid Releases are now available and supported in MongoDB Atlas
  • For on-premise, MongoDB Enterprise and Community 5.1 are available as Development Builds from the MongoDB Download Center, but the Enterprise version will not be supported by MongoDB
  • 6.0 will be the next fully-supported release of MongoDB Enterprise (which includes integration support with Ops Manager and Cloud Manager)
  • As such, most won’t upgrade MongoDB Enterprise Production Clusters until the supported 6.0 Release drops in 2022; think of it instead as a fully-functional ‘Preview Release’ that can be used in non-Production environments to experiment with new features, and prepare for eventual migration to the 6.0 release



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